Designing Coupons for Success

Everybody loves coupons. Everyone loves getting big discounts, enjoying great deals, and getting huge savings from their favorite products and services. In these hard economic times, getting a coupon is almost like winning the lottery. You can only imagine how some people feel upon seeing those small pieces of paper attached at the back of the newspaper.

While you probably spend a lot of time brainstorming for promotional ideas for your coupons, you must not forget that its design is just as important. Coupons are still marketing collaterals that need to be well thought of and appropriately produced. These small pieces of paper also carry your brand and act like business cards helping you generate leads and sales.

If you think coupons are not worth the effort and not as important as other marketing collaterals, you clearly haven’t seen what companies are doing with them. These days, coupons can come in a wide range of paper materials. You can have virtually any design you want and in the shape you want.

Coupons these days also come in digital form because of the predominance of internet use. So while you have coupons attached on print materials, you can also have some inserted on your website or on your social media profiles. What you must always remember, though, when distributing coupons through both mediums is effectiveness and consistency. While using designs that suit both traditional and digital forms, you must not forget to make sure that they’re still uniform and consistent with your brand.

Coupons are very much used these days for both delivering value and promoting a business’s brand. They’re still essential in every marketing campaign and contribute a lot to a company’s quest for success.


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