Aluminum Signs

Aluminum Signs: Successfully Establishing Businesses  

If you’re looking to invest in a signage that’s built to last, then go for one that’s made of aluminum. This material is widely used by many and it’s time you do the same. Even though you can always settle for durable plastics, metals are permanent and give off that strong, lasting impression. Whatever industry it belongs to, your company can make the most of the many benefits aluminum signs offer.

Aluminum is a preferred choice for most industrial materials. In contrast to other metals like iron, it does not rust easily. If you’re planning to use your sign outdoors, you can be sure it will weather even the harshest elements. You can even choose to have it powder-coated for added protection. The finish also makes the surface smoother and more ideal for painting.

Flexibility is one of the things that make aluminum a popular choice. It’s extremely easy to work with. Metalworkers can shape them effortlessly into any form and they can adorn this metal with materials like wood and plastics. No matter how intricate your logo or your desired design is, you can have it in an aluminum signage. The possibilities are endless and the results are well worth the effort. Another quality that makes aluminum ideal for signs it its weight. This type of metal is light, making it fast, safe, and easy to mount.

Apart from these qualities, aluminum is highly recyclable. It can always be re-melted to make an entirely new form. Another interesting thing about this metal is that its recycling process is less expensive and less energy intensive compared to creating it. This is why a huge percentage of aluminum produced in the country came from scrap metals. When your sign is made of aluminum, it’s almost the same as making an environmentally conscious decision.

Through the years, a lot of companies have resolved to use aluminum for their signage.


LED Displays

LED Display to Replace Print Signage?

Take a look around you and notice how LED displays are being added to the landscape. From the billboards to the traffic signs to the streetlights – everything runs on this digital technology. Several years from now, do you think LED displays will dominate the world? Is print signage really on its way to becoming obsolete?

The answer is no – print signage is definitely here to stay. If anything, LED displays will augment print signage. We’ll definitely see balance between these two forms of media. Print signs may not be as bright and flashy and attention-grabbing as their LED counterparts, but they’re more affordable, flexible and dependable. Print signs are a lot cheaper and they can be moved anywhere. LED displays are expensive to use for commercial purposes and are often fixed in one location. If the power went out, LED displays would also cease to work. Print signs, on the other hand, will continue to be what they are and do their job.

Print signs are very much alive even in the digital age. Just look at Time Square, Piccadilly Circus, and Shibuya. These places are highly modernized and you’ll still see printed signs throughout the area. While the digital displays do their work to grab your attention, the billboards, banners, and posters do theirs in their own way. They augment digital signs.

The world just isn’t the same without traditional signs. They do their job well and they’re even better than their digital counterparts in some aspects. Print signage may not be as flashy and attention-grabbing, but they offer affordability, flexibility, and dependability that LED displays cannot.

ADA Signs

ADA Signs: More than Just Markings on the Wall

Do you notice those tiny embossed dots when you push the elevator button? How about the ones below the restroom signs? A lot of signage actually bears these small dots and they’re there for a reason. These signs are called Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) signs and the small dots are Braille glyphs. These are used by persons with disability when navigating their way through establishments or getting information from the material.

ADA signs may be easily associated with Braille, but they actually require more than just this system of writing.  Establishments bearing these signs serve persons with disabilities and must abide by the standards set in the ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG). For a signage to be ADA-compliant, it must have more features other than raised dots or Braille characters.

ADA signs are first and foremost required to have easy-to-read typefaces. These signs are not just meant for the blind and the visually impaired, but also for the functionally blind or those having no usable vision.  The typefaces required also differ depending on the purpose of the sign.  Then there are rules regarding the size, the stroke, and the distance between the letters. The ADAAG also has recommendations regarding the use of lower case letters.

The signage’s color and shades are also regulated by the ADA. The importance is not actually on the color choice, but on the darkness and lightness of the sign. Light shades of gray, for instance, are fine while red are not. Similarly, signs with glare backgrounds are not accepted – save for traffic and parking signs. Such quality is a problem for people with vision impairment and even the elderly.

But the ADA Guidelines actually go way beyond the signs. Did you know that the facilities with ADA signs themselves must live up to their promise and comply with the regulations? Non-compliance with the ADA regulations can cause inconveniences or even harm to unsuspecting people, especially those with disabilities.

This is why the law was enacted in the first place: to protect not just these people, but everyone concerned. ADA are certainly more than just markings on the wall – they’re testament to an establishment’s responsibility for everyone’s safety and wellbeing.   

ADA signs have more to them than just addressing the needs of persons with disabilities. If you want to know more about them or you need to have one for your establishment, get in touch with us at 425-481-4900. We can assure you that your sign won’t just be beautiful and functional, but also ADA-compliant.

Go Magnetic

Magnetic Signs

For those of you who are tired of the usual signage for your marketing campaign, we suggest you try magnetic signs for a change. This will not only add a distinct quality to your collaterals, but it will also give you more options on how to send your message across and sell your products and services.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to use magnetic signs – and what use it has for your target market – there are actually many, creative ways. Magnetic signs aren’t just meant for refrigerators and you will be surprised at how far they can take you.

Turn cars into marketing machines

Do you know you can stick magnetic signs on cars? Car bodies are made of metal, after all. With magnetic signs, you can turn cars into round-the-clock marketing machines. Whether you’re going to the grocery or heading to the gym, you effortlessly increase your business’ visibility.

The best thing about magnetic signs is they’re temporary. You can remove them anytime without damaging your car’s surface. They also adhere strongly to any metal so you won’t have to worry about your signs falling off. Their materials are also strong enough to resist harsh elements and daily wear and tear.

Accessorize personal belongings

There are many furniture and appliances made of metal. Some of the small stuff your carry – your bag, your portfolio, or your mobile device – also feature pieces of aluminum or steel. These and a whole lot more can be a placeholder for your magnetic signage. You will probably need to create smaller ones so they can easily fit on your clients and customers’ personal belongings.

You may be thinking how you can encourage your target market to use you magnetic signs on their personal belongings. The answer is actually about the design. If you prepare a consistent and well-thought of set of images that go well with your brand identity, you can easily come up with interesting designs. These will make your magnets look more like accessories than marketing materials. 

Decorate buildings inside and out

Other than the items found inside a building, the very walls, windows, and doors often have metal components. If you change the design and customize the form, you can make decorative pieces out of your magnetic signs. They can make your marketing efforts not only successful, but also stylish and subtle. 

If you’re ready to go magnetic and reach your market in a creative and convenient way, call Signs Now Mill Creek at 425-481-4900. We have the right signage solutions to make sure your business succeeds.

Tools in Marketing Small Businesses, Advertising How To Tips and Effective Signs and Banners in Seattle

Good to Know Tips and Tools in Marketing!

Marketing: how is yours doing? Marketing is the number one way to help get the word out about your small business. Without it, potential clients could go on uninformed about your business. Thus, helpful marketing tips can help increase your sales and volume of work. Below are a few pointers to help you “Stand Out in A Crowded World.”

Did you know, you have only 1.3 seconds to grab someone’s attention with your signs and graphics?

Did you know, as a general rule of thumb, that it is good to calculate 1-inch letter height for every 10 feet of viewing distance?

Did you know that a high color contrast factor can improve legibility? Some combinations are easier to read than others. Also, some might be easier to read during daylight hours while more difficult to read during the evening’s dimmer light. It’s therefore very important to keep these factors in mind when deciding on the colors of your text and the colors of your graphics.

Visibility – The sign should be sized appropriately for the viewing distance. Generally, you will need an inch of letter height for every 10 feet of viewing distance. The sign should also be placed in a location with maximum exposure to the target audience.

Readability – The sign should be organized in a manner that readily conveys its intended message. Key words and phrases should be emphasized with larger letters, bolder type styles and additional colors. Ideas should be grouped logically and separated by layout and spacing. Graphic elements, especially digital color graphics, can greatly enhance the speed and thoroughness of communications.

Notice-ability – The Sign should incorporate some design elements that will help it stand out conspicuously in the landscape. Color contrast, changeable components, motion, uniqueness of design and/or subconscious attraction can serve to make a sign more noticeable.

Legibility – Type style selection is critical to the effectiveness of a sign. The proper font should convey the desired image without sacrificing the ability to distinguish individual letters. Take note that script and specialty fonts may project an elegant image, however they should only be used for short viewing distances and only in combinations of upper and lower case letters.

Color & Contrast – A high color contrast color will improve legibility. For example: Black on Yellow or White on Black etc. Color contrast can be strengthened with an outline or drop shadow.

Distance & Visibility – Be sure your signs have maximum impact by making them visible from a predetermined viewing distance. As a rule of thumb, it is good to calculate 1 inch of letter height for every 10 feet of viewing distance.

Signs Now Mill Creek is a premium graphic design company for the discriminating client that provides Marketing tools and services to businesses. Whether you need something as small as business cards or designing a graphic for something as big as a bus – we are there for you! We help you release your inner creativity, then we design and fabricate inside our studio and install at your location or ours!

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Seattle Signs Custom Built
Seattle Signs Custom Built


Place Your Sign Order At The Best Sign Business in Seattle!

When you purchase a banner or business signs, you are buying more than a simple sign. You’re making an investment in your company’s brand and sending a message to the world that this is your business. Nothing screams unprofessional and damages your brand like a boring, generic sign with bad graphics!

It’s your brand, so why trust it to an online vendor? When your sign looks cheap, so does your business. From color disasters to font fiascos, don’t gamble your business’s brand away on sub-par design and inferior products. In a world of sprawling big box stores and giant corporations, small businesses need to build a strong brand so customers know who your business is and where it’s located. A strong brand translates into a strong relationship with your customer base, and allows you to cultivate a strong culture around your product, service, or organization.

Our custom-designed signs will help you build a strong brand by attracting attention, getting your company noticed and ensuring your business is remembered. Our signs translate enthusiasm into sales – helping you spend less time chasing down sales leads and more time serving customers. Even better, our friendly sales staff ensures your sign gets printed the right way the first time, no time consuming returns or expensive changes required.

We are the best signs business in the Seattle region!

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Seattle Signs Custom Built

Food Signs

Digital signage technology is delivering many of the most effective graphic solutions available today to the food and restaurant industry. The solution can be as small as a business card or as large as a wall mural!  The colors are brighter, the text is more clearly defined, and the images are crystal clear. High quality and photorealism is extremely important when it comes to food displays in the grocery or restaurant industries. The images must be appealing otherwise consumers won’t buy the food.

At Signs Now Mill Creek, we offer industry-leading digital services that provide the perfect way to incorporate digital signage design, photographs or complex artwork into all of your visual communication needs. Our full-color digital signage design and printing capabilities can increase the impact of all other conventional signage.

These images can be incorporated into grand openings, point-of-purchase graphics, trade show displays, sales events, new products introductions, store-front graphics, and vehicle wraps and graphics. Let Signs Now Mill Creek enhance the image of your business.

Also, on digital prints we use a real lamination machine that uses high pressure to apply a clear protection of vinyl over your graphic to seal it from the sun and dirt. This seals your investment so that you have vibrant colors for years to come!

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Seattle Signs Custom Built
Seattle Signs Custom Built
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