Tools in Marketing Small Businesses, Advertising How To Tips and Effective Signs and Banners in Seattle

Good to Know Tips and Tools in Marketing!

Marketing: how is yours doing? Marketing is the number one way to help get the word out about your small business. Without it, potential clients could go on uninformed about your business. Thus, helpful marketing tips can help increase your sales and volume of work. Below are a few pointers to help you “Stand Out in A Crowded World.”

Did you know, you have only 1.3 seconds to grab someone’s attention with your signs and graphics?

Did you know, as a general rule of thumb, that it is good to calculate 1-inch letter height for every 10 feet of viewing distance?

Did you know that a high color contrast factor can improve legibility? Some combinations are easier to read than others. Also, some might be easier to read during daylight hours while more difficult to read during the evening’s dimmer light. It’s therefore very important to keep these factors in mind when deciding on the colors of your text and the colors of your graphics.

Visibility – The sign should be sized appropriately for the viewing distance. Generally, you will need an inch of letter height for every 10 feet of viewing distance. The sign should also be placed in a location with maximum exposure to the target audience.

Readability – The sign should be organized in a manner that readily conveys its intended message. Key words and phrases should be emphasized with larger letters, bolder type styles and additional colors. Ideas should be grouped logically and separated by layout and spacing. Graphic elements, especially digital color graphics, can greatly enhance the speed and thoroughness of communications.

Notice-ability – The Sign should incorporate some design elements that will help it stand out conspicuously in the landscape. Color contrast, changeable components, motion, uniqueness of design and/or subconscious attraction can serve to make a sign more noticeable.

Legibility – Type style selection is critical to the effectiveness of a sign. The proper font should convey the desired image without sacrificing the ability to distinguish individual letters. Take note that script and specialty fonts may project an elegant image, however they should only be used for short viewing distances and only in combinations of upper and lower case letters.

Color & Contrast – A high color contrast color will improve legibility. For example: Black on Yellow or White on Black etc. Color contrast can be strengthened with an outline or drop shadow.

Distance & Visibility – Be sure your signs have maximum impact by making them visible from a predetermined viewing distance. As a rule of thumb, it is good to calculate 1 inch of letter height for every 10 feet of viewing distance.

Signs Now Mill Creek is a premium graphic design company for the discriminating client that provides Marketing tools and services to businesses. Whether you need something as small as business cards or designing a graphic for something as big as a bus – we are there for you! We help you release your inner creativity, then we design and fabricate inside our studio and install at your location or ours!

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Seattle Signs Custom Built



Custom Banners & Signage: Stop Settling for Less When You Can Have More

In today’s challenging economy, the ability to shop online and cut expenses is typically a huge benefit for small businesses. Whether it’s bulk orders for office supplies or comparing costs for phone services, saving a few dollars here and there really adds up. While we love a good deal (and who doesn’t?), when it comes to custom banners and signs, however, you should think twice before placing an order through an online discount sign shop.

All too often, we talk to customers who have had disappointing, frustrating and expensive online sign ordering disasters. While online sign prices may initially seem like a good deal, your quest to save a quick $20 on a sign order may ultimately cost you hundreds of dollars more. The majority of customers who order signs online end up returning them due to problems with printing, the color, the sign material, or the overall design. Online sign disasters waste your time, create undo stress and aggravation, cost you new business, and may even embarrass you in front of your peers and clients.

If you’re buying online, then you’re using online templates that the online store provides. You’re using the very same online templates that other companies are also using. Ask yourself these questions. Isn’t your business special and unique? Isn’t your business better than your competition? Doesn’t your company deserve more than a template that everyone else, including your competition, is using? If you believe in your brand, then make sure it is reflected in all that you do. That’s what will separate you from your competition! You care about the details, they don’t!

When you purchase a banner or business sign, you are buying more than a simple sign. You’re making an investment in your company’s brand and sending a message to the world that this is your business. Nothing screams unprofessional and damages your brand like a boring, generic sign with bad graphics – and that’s what most customers end up receiving when they order online.

Sometimes, it’s just better to shop and buy in person. You wouldn’t purchase a car without test-driving it. And you wouldn’t buy a house without inspecting it first. Buying a sign is the same. It’s easier to purchase your sign in person from knowledgeable professionals and get it right the first time.

Below is a list of comments we’ve heard from customers who used online banner or sign printing services and regretted the results. (Yes, the comments are real… we can’t make this stuff up!) But don’t worry – the friendly folks at Signs Now Mill Creek are here to help!

“My banner ended up costing me more when I ordered it online!”

Using banner signs is a great way to advertise your business for not a lot of cash when compared to traditional print advertising. However, not all banner signs are created equal — beware of extra costs! Some online companies charge additional fees for graphic design assistance or image processing that can really add up. Want a custom size? That will cost extra too. Big online companies print cheaply by using four or five basic sizes. If you need a custom fit, you’ll either pay extra (be prepared to wait at least an extra week for delivery, as well) or won’t be able to get the size at all. Need your sign this week? A quick turn around means overnight shipping, so you’ll have to pay extra (anywhere from $29 to $45 and up) for rush shipping and delivery.

“I just don’t like my sign – it doesn’t look how I imagined it would.”

There’s nothing worse than seeing your new business signs for the first time… and being completely disappointed in the results. From flimsy fabrics that look cheap to poor print jobs and incorrect color matches, the sign may “look” similar to the proof you saw online, but be totally different than how you imagined it.

How could the sign company you trusted let you down like this? Were they even paying attention? Answer: they probably weren’t. And now, unfortunately, you’re stuck with a bad sign. Depending on the company’s ‘customer satisfaction guarantee’ you may be able to return the sign for a partial refund and an exchange. However, unless there’s a serious workmanship flaw (such as the sign arriving broken or otherwise damaged) chances are that you’re now stuck with a sign you can’t use. Not only is your money gone, you’ve also lost valuable time and energy. Even worse, you may be unprepared for a major conference or exhibition, and your storefront window will continue to sit vacant. The opportunity cost for poor signs is huge.

Avoid buyer’s remorse by working with our in-house graphic design team. They’ve helped hundreds of businesses design creative, eye-catching graphics, signs, vehicle wraps and more. These professionals are experienced, easy-to-work-with, and know how to take your ideas from conception to completion. By working with an in-house design team, you can go back and forth with a designer until the sign looks just right – and you can even see mock-ups and sample prints. We’ll help you tailor your message for maximum impact. That’s the kind of personal service you just don’t get from a computer or call center.

“My banner broke!”

This one always breaks our heart. But the old adage really is true; you get what you pay for. Whether it’s a flimsy vinyl material, improper hemming or grommet attachment, or poor quality ink, sloppy craftsmanship catches up with you. We’ve heard horror stories from customers who ordered signs online, displayed them in their store window or at a major exhibition, and had the vinyl stitching unravel, the grommets break or the flimsy fabric crumple.

Here at Signs Now Mill Creek, we only use high quality vinyl and ink. The finest materials and the finest professional craftsmanship produce the finest end product. Guaranteed.

“The colors on my sign are wrong – they don’t match my business logo and look terrible against the background; the green shade looks like someone threw up on my sign!”

Any graphic designer will tell you that color matching is a tricky business. Colors look different from computer monitor to computer monitor, depending on the natural calibration of your screen. A soft blue on one computer may have an eerie, other-worldly glow on another computer, and shades of green can morph from a calming summer day to an unfortunate color resembling throw-up. (Definitely not what you had in mind for the big product expo!) The blue in your company logo may look great printed on your business cards, but terrible against your sign background. And if you don’t know the exact color (a Pantone number or hexadecimal code your printer used to produce the blue), matching the blue in your sign to the business card using a computer monitor is nearly impossible.

Matching colors in person, however, is easy! Bring your printed color sample into our shop and we’ll make sure your sign gets printed with the right blue. During pre-press, we can even print a sample to ensure the blue not only matches your logo, but also looks great against your background sign color. And if you don’t like something, we can quickly switch colors on the spot for you – you won’t have to wait 7 to 10 days for a new sign to arrive in the mail.

“My banner sign arrived damaged – one side was completely torn.”

After waiting 10 days, the box containing your sign finally arrives! You tear open the box, carefully pull out your new banner and… find that your sign is damaged. It happens. We’ve had customers tell us that their signs arrived torn, partially ripped, with broken grommets, uneven stitching, or otherwise damaged. Sure, some online companies may offer ‘workmanship guarantee’ where if there’s a problem, you can send it back for a full refund and replacement. But retuning a sign takes time. You’ve already waited at least a week for the first sign… and now you’ll need to wait another week for a replacement? Not to mention if your sign arrives Friday and you don’t realize there’s a problem until later in the day, you’ll have to wait three days until the next business day (Monday) to call or email customer service. And what if Monday’s a holiday? Or what if you needed your sign for that weekend?

The good folks at Signs Now Mill Creek take pride in their work, and have a personal relationship with each and every customer. In the world of online banner stores, you’re just another order fulfillment number. At Signs Now Mill Creek, we know your name, your business, and the name of your dog, too. We’ll never give you a damaged sign, and if you ever feel there’s a problem with our product, we’ll have you a replacement for you as soon as possible. Here, you get to talk to an actual human being, not an automated answering service, so your work is done right the first time and your problems get fixed fast.

The bottom line: It’s your brand, so why trust it to an online vendor? When your sign looks cheap, so does your business. From color disasters to font fiascos, don’t gamble your business’s brand away on sub-par design and inferior products. In a world of sprawling big box stores and giant corporations, small businesses need to build a strong brand so customers know who your business is and where it’s located. A strong brand translates into a strong relationship with your customer base, and allows you to cultivate a strong culture around your product, service, or organization.

Our custom-designed signs will help you build a strong brand by attracting attention, getting your company noticed and ensuring your business is remembered. Our signs translate enthusiasm into sales – helping you spend less time chasing down sales leads and more time serving customers. Even better, our friendly sales staff ensures your sign gets printed the right way the first time, no time consuming returns or expensive changes required.

And just in case the real-world experiences of some very frustrated online sign buyers is not enough to convince you of the dangers in online sign shopping… think about shopping locally. Shopping from a local sign company (whether its us or a competitor down the street) is an investment in your community. Local tax revenue supports important parts of our community such as buses, schools, roadways and infrastructure. Employees who live locally spend their money locally. If you buy online, chances are the sign company is located out of state, and your money is not being invested in our community.

So stop settling for less when you order online (an inferior product, poor customer service, sloppy graphics, incorrect colors) and get more with a custom sign job from Signs Now Mill Creek.

How do YOU measure two years?

How do you measure two years? In custom vehicle wraps and signs sold (thousands). In increased sales (up 70% in the last year alone). In local businesses we’ve proudly served (more than 700… and counting). In days spent helping customers (over 730; our friendly staff is always available to help).
As we celebrate our 2nd year anniversary here at Signs Now Mill Creek, we’re proud to measure the last two years by each and every satisfied customer. And we’re even prouder to say that we’ve got thousands of them.
We know these last two years have been difficult ones for our local businesses. While the worst of the recession is (hopefully) in our rearview mirror, businesses are still struggling to make a profit. And with the economy slow to recover, small businesses in particular are feeling the pinch, and looking to cut back on expenses.

That’s why we’re proud to have helped hundreds of businesses slash their marketing budgets by delivering quality, customized vehicle wraps and signs. Rather than paying for expensive and ineffective radio, TV and Yellow Page advertisements, we’re helping local businesses get the biggest bang for their buck.

Signs Now Mill Creek helps businesses take advantage of advertising space they already own, from storefront window to cars, and maximize their revenue while minimizing advertising costs. This cost effective marketing delivers real results for small businesses by generating more impressions, more customers — and most importantly — more money.

The Signs Now Mill Creek Team doesn’t just make marketing tools – we design them. We create and build signs that command attention. Whether they’re on your car, your window, your storefront or your business convention, our custom-designed signs will attract attention, get your company noticed and ensure your business is remembered. Our signs translate enthusiasm into sales – helping you spend less time chasing down sales leads and more time serving customers.

Whether we’re customizing vehicle graphics, window signs, wall logos or tradeshow banners, our signs are made to order. We consult with you to make sure we communicate the right message to the right audience, and that we do so with brand clarity and consistency. Our large design studio and professional staff provide enhanced customer service.

We’re proud of our talented, dedicated and engaging staff who all genuinely love their jobs. The good folks here at Signs Now Mill Creek are committed to doing whatever it takes to deliver the best signs for your business. And it shows.

Despite these challenging economic times, our sales grew over 70% in the last year alone. We received two sales awards recognizing our outstanding customer service and quality signs. And for that we owe a big thanks to you, our loyal customers.

As we look forward to the next two years (and more), we proudly renew our commitment to delivering quality, friendly customer service, to keeping our signs fun, energetic and fresh, and to helping your business cut expenses and increase revenue.

From our family at Signs Now Mill Creek to yours – we hope your business measures the next two years in increased sales, successful marketing and most importantly, in satisfied customers.

The Best Advertising Space You Already Own and Aren’t Using – And How to Get Started Right Now!

Between the complexities of new media marketing and expensive print, radio and TV advertising, making the right advertising choice for your small business (and staying within budget) is a challenge. Worry no longer. The best advertising for your business is right outside your front door. And even better news? You already own the space! Window Perf Graphic and Sign

If your business has a storefront, take a good, hard look at your windows. What do they say about your business to the average consumer walking down the street? What impression are you making? If you’re like most businesses, you’ve been so busy worrying about complex advertising strategies that you’ve neglected the most basic and affordable one: window advertising.

Window advertising is a tried and true way to attract customers and showcase your company’s products and services. This proven marketing strategy helps you maximize your revenue while minimizing advertising costs.

Stop selling, start marketing: generate customers who want to buy from you!
If you’re like most small businesses, the rising cost of traditional advertising has made print, radio and TV ads simply unaffordable. The Yellow Pages, once the premier advertising space for local businesses, is overpriced and no longer effective. And for all the hype, online advertising can be expensive (those pay-per-clicks really add up) and ineffective (it’s true; most of your marketing emails go straight to the spam folder).

Advertising is like sending your best salesman out into the world to tell potential customers all about your business. However, if your customers don’t see or read your ads, that’s a pretty big waste of your best salesman (and your money.) And it doesn’t matter how good a salesman you have – if your salesman doesn’t have anyone to talk to, he’s not going to sell anything.

Fortunately, if you’ve got a storefront, you’ve got a window – and that’s all you need for immediate, effective marketing! What does this mean for you? You can finally stop trying to give your customers the hard sell – your window advertisements will increase visibility and naturally bring customers to you! You can finally stop wasting your money on ineffective, over-priced print ads that don’t generate sales leads. And you can finally stop spending your time worrying about the right advertising strategy. You’ll be too busy helping all your new customers!

More impressions, more money: the marketing science behind window advertising.
The effectiveness of marketing is measured not only in dollars generated, but also in impressions. When you buy an online advertisement, for example, you may pay by ‘cost per impression.’ This means that you pay a fixed price every time a person views your advertisement. The greater the number of impressions, the better, as this indicates that more people are seeing your advertisement. For a storefront window, every person that comes by will see your window advertisement, whether they are driving past on their daily commute or walking down the sidewalk to another store. On a busy street or in a popular shopping mall, that adds up to a lot of impressions very quickly, for not a lot of money! In a strip mall, all the stores look the same. Stand out from the other stores with a fun window graphic and watch as the customers start coming!

Bold graphics, bold design: getting the biggest bang for your buck with window advertising.
Let’s face it; simple signs and ordinary lettering is boring. When was the last time a basic sign caught your eye as you walked down the street? If you have a storefront on a busy street, you need an eye-catching sign to attract foot traffic and to stand out to cars driving by.

Fortunately, thanks to the latest technology, window signs can be anything but boring. Using large format digital printers and computer cutters, graphic sign companies can produce custom, eye-catching and fade-resistant graphic displays. Their window perforations and window vinyl will get you noticed! They can even create the illusion of etched or frosted glass for a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

The technical stuff: how window advertising works.
When choosing a type of window advertising, consider your needs. Are you looking to brand your storefront or simply highlight a seasonal special? Are you advertising a storewide sale or a specific product? The most important decision you will make is the team you choose to design and install your window graphics. No matter the job, be sure to choose the reputable, experienced professionals. When properly applied, a window vinyl can last for years. However, improperly applied graphics or poorly designed graphics can sink your marketing plans and end up costing you big bucks. A professional team will take the time to understand your needs and will ensure the job gets done right the first time.

The helpful, friendly folks at Signs Now Mill Creek know the window advertising business inside and out. Signs Now Mill Creek has significant experience producing economical (and creative!) signs and graphics. Have an idea for a design but not sure how to make it work? Their experienced marketing staff and in-house graphic designer will work with you to turn your idea into reality and create a totally custom job. Everything’s made in-house, and they’ll come install it for you. Below is a list of commonly asked questions about the window graphic advertising process. If you have additional questions, just ask the friendly staff at Signs Now Mill Creek for help.

How do window vinyl get applied and how long will it take?
Window vinyl is computer cut and made to fit on either the outside or inside of your window. The process usually takes around 10 days from concept to completion, although jobs can be completed faster under tight deadlines. “Temporary” window vinyls can be custom made or use pre-cut shapes. These vinyls cling to the window and can easily be removed or repositioned multiple times.

How long will my window advertising last?
The short answer: as long as you want it to! Because window vinyl is an outdoor sign, it is always laminated to protect the sign from the elements. Your window advertising is fade and peel resistant, and designed to last for at least five years.

What if I just want temporary advertising?
Looking to highlight a seasonal promotion or special deal? Temporary window vinyls are a cost-effective, eye-catching, creative solution. These designs easily peel on and off the window, and are designed for multiple applications. So feel free to advertise a Valentine’s Day special – with the peace of mind that when the holiday is over, you can easily swap the advertisement out for a spring theme. No mess, no fuss!

Are window graphics see-through?
Some window vinyls can be designed so that you can see through from the inside while the outside observer can only see the marketing graphic. These vinyls are also known as ‘window perfs.’ The one downside to window perfs is that when it is dark outside at night, the perf will not be visible when the interior store light is on. Other vinyls are opaque, and you cannot see through them.

The bottom line: your business simply can’t afford for you NOT to use window advertising!
Your storefront window truly is your company’s ‘window to the world.’ Window advertising is a tried and true way to attract customers and showcase your business’s products and services. You already own or rent the space – so stop wasting money and energy on expensive advertisements and install window graphics today!

How to Make Your Next Business Expo or Trade Show a Virtual Marketing Extravaganza

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In today’s inconsistent economy, everyone is trying to figure out how to best and most effectively spend their advertising and marketing dollars to get the most bang for their buck. Savvy business owners know that they should aim to effectively expose their business products or services to as many potential customers as they can, while spending the least amount of money possible. They also know that exhibiting at a trade show or business expo is a solid part of the perfect marketing plan and an excellent way to deliver their company’s message to a mass group of people. The quality exposure you receive from the attendance of a built in demographic that is tailored specifically to your product or service will allow you to make the most of your marketing efforts and gain customers for your business. 

Tried and true, trade shows and business expos are the perfect way to get your name out there, make new business acquaintances, get new leads and ultimately boost sales. So, now that you have the ingenious marketing plan of exhibiting at a trade show or business expo, how do you make sure the event is a success and that your company’s product or service stands out from the hundreds of other businesses at the exposition? 

The first thing you have to do is plain and simple: you have to get folks to come visit your booth at the event. As soon as you secure your booth space at the expo, you should start to immediately focus on getting the word out. The first plan of action is to post signs in your place of business to let your existing customers know that you will be at the expo. This is a good time to start thinking about a theme for your event because all of your signs, banners and swag (give-a-ways!) should have a consistent theme and should ‘mesh’ together to combine a solid and powerful marketing statement for your business. 

Not sure exactly what to do or where to go for guidance on your theme and signage to make your business stand out? No worries, the Signs Now Mill Creek outgoing and customer focused staff are there to help you select the perfect custom signs to announce your event. Signs Now Mill Creek is a professional marketing products provider and knows what it takes to make and design a custom sign package that will make a bold statement and get your event noticed. 

Now that your signs are ordered, it’s time to start advertising the event via online resources to ensure that everyone knows when the event will be held and where to find you once they get there. Customize your website and your (and your employee’s) email signature to let everyone know about the expo and your involvement in it. Be creative and come up with a fun and interesting contest with some cool prizes that folks can win if they visit you at the expo. You can even offer them a certificate or a coupon now that they can redeem when they visit you at the event later. Everyone loves to save money and this is a very effective marketing tool to attract visitors and traffic in your direction. Be sure to send e-mail reminders and design interesting newsletters to send to existing and potential customers and suppliers inviting them to stop by your booth for the chance to win the free prizes and pick up some company swag. Social media is also an exceptional way to get the word out about your event, so be sure to utilize your company’s FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to entice people to your event. If you are not yet utilizing these popular and effective social media tools, you must put this on your ‘to do’ list for today! This is a basically free marketing tool that can reach thousands of potential customers each day with the click of a button! 

So, the invitations are sent and the word is getting out about your upcoming expo extravaganza. It is now time to think about your trade show display design and what you will do to enhance your product and grab people’s attention at the event. The first rule of thumb when designing a trade show or business expo booth or display is to make sure to provide ample space in your booth for customers to comfortably view displays and for your staff to easily and efficiently interact with and speak with potential customers. Also make sure that your team wears coordinated clothes that are customized with your company’s name or logo. This is another marketing tactic that is important for promoting your brand and it is especially useful when your staff is away from your booth in other areas of the convention center to spread the word about your product or service.

Next, your custom designed exhibit should proudly spotlight your company’s logo, image, mission, and of course your products or services. This is where a bit of expertise from Signs Now Mill Creek will really help with your marketing efforts and design and keep your theme and budget right on target. The creative and experienced staff can work with your team to create high quality custom marketing materials and colorful signage that you can be proud to display. The talented in-house graphic designer can create a custom design for your event that is limited only by your imagination. The Signs Now Mill Creek crew will help you determine the best size, color scheme; graphic options and lay out to fit your vision of the perfect marketing masterpiece. They work well with all companies and can create small exhibit designs for start up businesses or extravagant exhibits for use at large shows for huge corporations. They can help you choose the best options for your business and help you decide whether you will need a fully developed display booth or just an ultra-light and foldable display. From sleek to convenient, Signs Now Mill Creek offers an extensive variety of products that will steal the show for sure! Custom trade show materials include multi-dimensional banners, stands and booths, as well as pop-up, table-top and custom displays to make your company shine. In addition they can create eye catching floor graphics, moving displays and even electronic message boards that will really drive trade show traffic your way. Signs Now Mill Creek knows that creativity doesn’t necessarily equal the biggest budget and will help you choose a trade show style that you can actually afford and that you can proudly display and rest assured knowing you have an appealing exhibit that will get noticed! 

On the day of the event, make sure to get you and your staff there with plenty of time to spare. You want to be sure your company booth is properly set up with all of your colorful banners, well worded signs and custom displays shouting your company name and website big and bold in the background. Remember, first impressions are made quickly and you really do actually have only about 60 seconds (or even less) to grab their attention and entice them into your expo marketing extravaganza of a booth for them to want to find out more. Colorful banner stands and creative pop-up displays are ideal for directing much wanted attention to your booth which will obviously result in increased sales. 

Another very important tip is to be sure to bring lots and lots of business cards and have plenty of paper and pens readily available for booth personnel and customers to make notes. Try to make your booth as creative, fun and interactive as possible. Create demonstrations that catch the attention of passersby and allow customers to get involved, so that they can get a feel for how your product works or what your services can do for them. 

Also make a note to bring plenty of collateral to the event. Marketing collateral is the lingo used for literature or other items that clearly describe your company’s mission and goals and introduces your product line or services offered. This collateral should presented in ‘make-a-good-and-long-lasting-impression quality! Ultra creative and full color professionally produced literature that will grab the visitor’s attention and create a positive association each time they see it is key. Potential customers at expos and trade shows can sometimes find themselves overwhelmed with the number of booths displayed at the event or get side tracked with their business colleagues and choose to simply collect the information and literature to peruse at a later time. Just because someone walks away from your expo display without showing obvious interest, does not mean they have none at all. It is a good idea to provide those potential customers with something to take back to the office that will keep them thinking about your product and inform them what exactly you have to offer them. This marketing effort could lead to numerous future sales for your company. 

Of all the things you sell, you and your employees are the very best ambassadors of your company. Never under estimate the power of teamwork! No matter how well your exhibit is set up or how snazzy your booth and display signs are, you run the risk of losing potential customers if your staff appears to be out of their element. Be sure to set up extensive, proper training for your sales staff prior to the event to make sure they are aware of their specific roles and expectations. Make a schedule that reflects designated shifts and break times, if necessary, so that your booth is manned at all times. Also, be clever enough to choose the most friendly and personable people who work for you to represent your company at the expo. 

Don’t just sit behind the booth; stand up in your booth and smile! Avoid “can I help you?” phrases, as an effective expo team should engage their booth visitors and talk to them as friends, not strangers. Chat with them and find out what aspect of your business they are most interested in and be sure to go out of the way to ensure they get the information, literature and contact information for the person that can best help them with that product or service. But, be careful not to be too chatty…remember the “80/20 rule” which is to listen 80% of the time and talk 20% of the time. This will allow you to better know exactly what the visitor is expecting to learn about your company and lets you help them more efficiently. If possible, invite them to your location or schedule an appointment at their place of business for an informal sharing of knowledge to see how you can possibly work together in the future. Also be sure to get a business card or at least their email and mailing address for follow up and ‘thank you’ notes after the expo. 

When your wildly successful marketing event is over, be sure to follow up with your booth visitors – affectionately known as ‘potential new customers.’ A short ‘thank you’ for stopping by and an offer of additional information or answers to their questions could bring a sale your way. This should be done promptly after the event, because the sooner you make contact with these folks, the better the chance your business will stand out and make them remember you. Personalized efforts work much more effectively than a bulk email or mailing. An individual email or letters are most appropriate and get great results. 

10 Ways to be More Attractive at an Expo:
1. Have a visual point at your booth
2. Have a photo album with success stories and pictures.
3. Have a drawing for something that is valuable and attractive to your customers.
4. Candy bowl. One they have to reach deep into. Don’t fill it up – let it look like there isn’t much left. That’s even more attractive. They want to reach in before it’s all gone.
5. Hire an intelligent model with a marketing background to assist you. Someone “very attractive” will draw visitors in, and their intelligent presentation will convert many visitors to customers.
6.Do what grocery stores do – demonstrate how to use your product.
7. Wear clothes with your logo. Name tags are great for participants but displaying your logo or name is important for building your brand, even when you’re away from your booth.
8. Don’t just stand behind the booth.
9. Stand up in your booth and smile.
10. Display your web site name big and bold in the background.

Ready to make a statement at your next trade show or business expo? Signs Now Mill Creek can promote your business event with high-quality full color signage, banners and digital graphics to help your business rise above the competition. In addition to their trade show exhibits, displays and construction, they also excel in dimensional signs and letters, ADA/Way finding systems and illuminated and digital signage. 

In addition to all of their professional signs for your business and events, Signs Now Mill Creek also offers the highest-quality vehicle graphics in the industry. A professional vehicle graphic solution can be an effective way to promote your business. This eye catching vehicle installation serves as a moving billboard that will get your message out there to literally thousands of potential customers each morning and afternoon during rush hour alone! Each time you parade your vehicle around town, you are watching your well spent marketing and advertising dollars work for you! With today’s modern technology, Signs Now’s vehicle graphics can even cover most of your windows, while allowing you to see outside without an obstructed view. Signs Now Mill Creek has  a professional onsite oversized garage for the proper installation of graphics on large vehicles. The dust free sealed area provides a temperature controlled environment for ideal working conditions and a pristine installation process no matter what the weather is outside. If a full vehicle graphic doesn’t quite fit your business plan or budget, choose from vinyl or magnetic lettering to can get your business vehicle rolling today! 

All orders are fabricated and assembled in-house by their professional and experienced staff at the Mill Creek location and they can install onsite or at the customer’s location in some situations. All work is covered by the Signs Now Mill Creek ‘Letter Perfect Guarantee’. Rest assured that if their signs, banners, or any other finished products are not letter perfect, they vow to make them absolutely perfect at no extra cost to you. No job is done until you are 100% satisfied. 

We are the one and only original Signs Now Mill Creek store. Our Graphic Design Studio is located at the border of Mill Creek and Bothell. Be sure to visit this location for high quality and unmatched professional service from the best staff in town! Signs Now Mill Creek is based in Snohomish County in Washington State and effectively and efficiently covers the following communities:  Mill Creek, Bothell, Lynnwood, Everett, Marysville, Kenmore, Woodinville, Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue, Edmonds, Mukilteo, Sammamish, Renton, Tukwila, Medina, Mercer Island, Capitol Hill, and downtown Seattle along with the broader Seattle region. 

Contact the Signs Now Mill Creek team for your marketing needs. We make promises and deliver results. We render designs and bring them to life. We capture your image and message and make them larger than life. You can expect all that from Signs Now Mill Creek…. and More! 

To find out more about what custom signage can do for your business, please contact Signs Now Mill Creek today. With signs from our company, your options are virtually limitless!

One Year Anniversary Celebration – Signs Now Mill Creek

On Thursday, January 28, Signs Now Mill Creek celebrated its One Year Anniversary. In attendance were over 50 guests, including local clientele, key business leaders, business entrepreneurs, and chamber ambassadors. David and Rani Bal, the owners at Signs Now Mill Creek, hosted the party as a “Thank You” to their first year clients. “We wanted to host this event in appreciation of our clients during our first year of business,” remarked Rani Bal. The celebration offered cake and refreshments and lasted all day—the first guest arrived at 8:30 in the morning and the last guest left at 6:30 in the evening.


As part of the celebration, guests were offered a tour of the facilities, and many were shocked and surprised as to how many marketing tools Signs Now offers. One guest was completely blown away and expressed, “I had no idea you guys did so much. This is so cool!” It is a wonder what a simple sign can do for your business; with the economy at a turning point, now is the time to drive business awareness through marketing tools.

During the Anniversary, guests were asked if they would provide testimonials, below is the testimonial of Doug Elburn, the Regional Director of LeTip International:

I’m Doug Elburn from LeTip International, privately the biggest networking in the country, and I like to be a resource to all my business contacts that I know in the area. One of the greatest businesses that I know, that will give visibility, that will help companies generate more referrals, is to have a company that is professional in the signs business; and there is no one better than Signs Now in Mill Creek. I highly recommend them.  They have great customer service. You will look really good when you chat with your clients about this outstanding team in Mill Creek.


Here at Signs Now Mill Creek, the staff bases their work ethic off of the store’s motto, which is “To Enhance the Value of the Businesses We Serve.” Signs Now strives to be the best, which can be readily seen in our client’s finished products. Please remember, your signs solution is only a phone call away! For quoting, or any questions regarding the products or services Signs Now offers, please call (425) 481-4900, or email

Make it a Great Day!

Banners, Razors, Drama Queens and Signs Now Mill Creek Graphics

Diamonds and Dust.  Banners and Razors.  We have a top notch team from womb to tomb.  We are great at what we do!  But sometimes a story comes along where we as a team do the proverbial eyeball roll when something happens that a client does that should be so common sense that it defies why on earth someone would do it.

Our story unfolds when a few weeks ago a lady asks our team to produce a banner for her and one of her peers.  So, ok, easy enough to do and because we have a great graphic designer this should be a piece of cake.  She’s wanting a straightforward banner that’s not too small and not too big.  We print it off and the next day she takes it with her.  Another satisfied customer.  Or so we thought!

A few weeks go by.  During that couple or three weeks we have this sizable wind storm that also happens to be not too small and not too big.  As I recall when I was driving the day after the storm there were a lot of tree branches strewn on the road and the branches were big enough that it made more sense to avoid them than drive over them.  Maybe that might help give some scope to the size of the storm.  Not too small, not too big.

Anyhow, within days of that storm, that very same lady comes back to our office and storms straight inside.  My client services representative (CSR) and I are standing there as the lady walks right up to us and begins to “let us have it”.  She tells us how the banner we made for her has fallen apart and that she has never had something like this happen to her before.  On and on and on she railed.  We were so befuddled by this that we could not fathom how something like this could happen to the banner.  We take pride in what we do and it is our management policy to use quality product and provide quality service.

On and on she continued until finally she almost started to cry.  I mean literally almost cry!  So we asked her to bring the banner back and so she went out to the car and brought it back inside.  We promised to replace it and that seemed to instantly turn the hysterics off and out she went.

We took the banner to the back and a crowd of us gathered around as we unrolled the banner.  There was about a medium amount of damage to the banner.  My graphic designer looked at me and said, “The thing looks like it’s been dragged under a truck and in all my years of experience I’ve never seen anything like this before”.  It wasn’t that it had tears in the vinyl because it did not.  It basically had two things wrong with it.  It had scratches where just the surface of the graphic was scratched and it had some repetitive marks on it.  Still we could not understand how something like this could happen.

So I told my designer to call her up and ask her precisely where and how she placed this banner.  I’m sure she wasn’t expecting the call and I’m also convinced receiving the call probably caught her off guard.  Having been caught off guard, she provided detailed information about finding the location and she told my designer that she had tied it to a fence.  Then he asked her for the address and she provided that, too.  Sweet!

So, we went for a field trip.  We drove the 30 or so miles to the location.  Because she was good enough to provide us the details about precisely where she placed it, it was easy to find the precise location.

A razor wire fence.  She tied it to a razor wire fence and a week or so later we had a wind storm. That explained the tears and repetitive marks.

Did I happen to mention that she tied it to a RAZOR WIRE fence?

When she came in to complain, the razor wire part was conveniently left out of the story.  But, she managed to add crying effects to the story.

Folks, for those who missed the point, do not tie banners to razor wire.

(Yes, we replaced her banner at no charge)

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