Advertising Metaphors

Metaphors: More than a Figure of Speech But a Powerful Advertising Tool

You see this spot that shows a cheetah wearing the badge of a pizza brand and carrying a box of pizza on its back, and a turtle that does the same. The two animals seem to be racing against each other. Of course, one can easily infer which pizza brand offers a faster delivery service. There are countless ways to get this message across the target market, but using this sketch is a smart way to attract the attention of customers.

Let’s try another example. Luxury retailer Harvey Nichols announced their big sale through an advertisement showing a dead fish surrounded by a squadron of pelicans.  A creative metaphor showing the anticipation of a big sale.

This is the power of metaphor. It’s more than just a figure of speech. It’s one of the most effective ways to extend a message to your customer without boring them. Through metaphors, you can create a brand new message by combining two entirely different images or concepts. If you’re itching to create a symbolic and appealing ad, below are two of the things you need to keep in mind.

Focus on What You Want to Promote

Think of what you’re going to promote, like the product you’re offering or the heritage of the company, and come up with something that will represent it. To make it clear, look back on Harvey Nichols’ sale ad. The dead fish clearly represents any item that will be on their big sale.

Define the Characteristics of What You’re Going to Promote

Take time to specifically determine the characteristics of your products or services. Once you’ve listed all these features down, that’s the time you’ll think of things that will stand for them. For instance, Lego features two connected blocks with the shadow of an airplane. It simply illustrates what your imagination can create.

What’s good about metaphors is they can transcend language and culture. It makes your ads fresh and interesting.


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