Reputation Management

How Do You Mend a Broken Reputation?

A good reputation is the most essential element to stay in business. The equation is simple: consumers won’t patronize a brand unless they trust it. It takes years of providing consistent quality service to establish a positive image for your company. Sadly, even if you’ve given tremendous amount of hard work and focused all your efforts toward building and maintaining a clean name, it only takes a single mistake to ruin everything. As you can’t completely stay on top of everything, blunders are virtually inevitable.

This is where reputation management comes in. Both small businesses and large corporations need good public relations to protect your brand’s image and salvage your reputation at all times. If your business is involved in any incident that may shake the trust of the public toward your brand, here are a few things you can do to control the damage and patch-up the crack on your reputation.

Be Accountable

There’s no sense denying it if you’re obviously at fault or everything seems to point to you as the guilty party. Take responsibility with what happened. The undesirable event may be irreversible, but your accountability is a positive gesture to restore the public’s trust.

Have a credible spokesperson to represent your company. Your representative has to be a high profile officer in the organization to show people you’re serious about handling the issue. The availability and visibility of top company executives in the midst of a crisis portrays integrity.

Choose Your Medium Wisely

Select the best channel to deliver your message and reach your target market fast. It’s pointless to make a statement about the issue if it won’t spread to the right people. Know your demographic well to choose the most appropriate form of communication.

Launch an Advocacy Advertising Campaign

Draft a long-term plan to ensure this grave incident will never happen again. The public, especially its affected segment, would initially want a quick remedy to the problem, but a mere band-aid solution wouldn’t work to regain their trust and clear their doubts that the same issue will no longer recur.

A positive brand image is a valuable asset. As reputation can make or break the success of your company, you should never take this matter lightly. Always act and react to your mistake, whether it’s big or small.


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