Uppercase Bookstore

Lessons from Locally-Owned Uppercase Bookstore

Uppercase Bookstore is definitely one bookshop you shouldn’t miss. Other than its great selection of vintage and new books, it has that cozy, intimate feel that will have you sticking around and going through the shelves for hours. The shop also holds regular events where you get to meet fellow book lovers, authors, and other outstanding members of the community.

The Snohomish bookshop, however, stands for more than just books and literary experience. For aspiring business owners, it’s an example of excellent business ownership. Seeing how the print media is doing these days and how competitive book retailers are, what Uppercase Bookstore has accomplished so far is an incredible feat. The bookshop has been featured on The Herald last Sunday and if you’ve read the article, you’ll know that success can be achieved by taking note of these:

Knowledge goes a long way

One of the co-owners of the bookshop didn’t have any romantic notions when she bought the business last year. She actually worked for Barnes & Noble previously and knows exactly what she’s getting herself into. The good thing about it is she was able to apply her industry experience to better position their bookstore with their competitors. The results were terrific, as they keep their new titles to a minimum and price their books comparatively with online bookstores.

Going local pays off

Uppercase Bookstore may not be able to compete with the global market share that retail giants like Amazon and Barnes & Noble have. But what enabled them to survive and reach its 20th year in business this summer is its local marketing efforts. The bookshop maintains a book club and holds regular activities that mainly cater to the people of its town. Also, by making their prices competitive with online stores, they become the obvious choice. While customers would have to pay for exorbitant shipping fees and wait for the package to arrive, they can just drop by Uppercase Bookstore and save time, effort, and money.

Uniqueness wins customers

Other than the warm, cozy feel of the bookshop, it has a few distinct touches that make it stand out from others. It actually has a wall with clocks that tell the time in mythical worlds like Narnia, Panem, and Oz. The bookshop also has a cupboard under the stars that recreates Harry’s bedroom in the Potter books. These are bonuses to their main service of providing the right titles that customers want. They also give these people something to look forward to whenever they shop for books.

Take your cue from Uppercase Bookstore when launching a small business or changing the model of an existing one. This small bookshop shows you that you can achieve and succeed in anything as long as you deliver value to your customers and know how to position yourself against your competitors.


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