Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising: Making a Big Difference

Just last weekend, I saw this beautiful arrangement of books in a shop somewhere outside town. It was shaped like a cat and it goes well with the story that was explored in the book. Not only did this piece of art make my day, it also reminded me of the importance of visual merchandising. Even though we’re more into digital stuff and we have limited space to play with designs, that small hint of creativity is enough to make a simple product go a long way.

Tickling the imagination

Can you imagine a boutique where its merchandise is simply arranged in shelves? The owners might as well call it a warehouse, where customers simply grab what they need, pay for it, and leave.  Visual merchandising is an effective marketing strategy and it works by catching the customers’ eyes and attracting them to check out the merchandise. The artistic arrangement of items can also encourage a person to make a purchase even when they have no need of it. By just tickling their imagination, they’re able to make an impression and encourage someone to make a move.

Making an impact online

But if there’s one thing visual merchandising is most effective these days, it’s with the digital marketing aspect. Have you seen those photos that have gone viral online? Most of them are unique, eccentric, and surprising everyday stuff that people find around them. So even if everyone’s investing in digital marketing these days, traditional ones are very much alive. And it’s not always with the technical aspect or budget involved in creating a piece. It’s mostly content and quality, and how these were able to impact the people who see them.

Boosting sales

So whether you have a large shop or have barely enough space to display your merchandise, making an effort to present it artistically will definitely pay off. Even if you only have a small table to work with, you can help boost your sales by just stacking the items uniquely or adding a few visual elements that will make it seem interesting than it actually is. You can use colorful fabrics, ambient lights, or even just distinctly designed posters that will provide a beautiful backdrop.

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