Lifestyle Entrepreneur

What is A Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

The word ‘lifestyle entrepreneur’ is all over the web – so much that it almost sounds like a trend. Several of my clients actually asked me if I was one, but I didn’t reply. I simply didn’t know what it meant at the time. And so I did a little bit of researching and after reading a few articles, I must say that I’m not sure. I don’t think there’s a need for such a term and truthfully, I am quite satisfied by being who I am: someone who owns a business and consults with clients.

Purpose, Not Profit

According to the websites I’ve looked into, lifestyle entrepreneurs are focused more on altering their personal lifestyle than just making profits. These people work at hours and locations that are convenient to them. They’re also actively pursuing their passion, thereby increasing their chances of succeeding. And because they do what they love, they want others to do the same. Their love for their lifestyle makes them respectful of others’, thereby inspiring them to do the same to their clients. These people are seen to provide more value to their clients and have a deeper sense of purpose when it comes to their work.

Not Much of a Difference

If you ask me, lifestyle entrepreneurs sound pretty much the same as regular entrepreneurs. They’re more in control of their working conditions and environment compared to others. They often pursue their goals and they get to address people’s needs through their products and services. I guess the difference lies in their motivation. While lifestyle entrepreneurs are stimulated by their personal interest and sense of purpose, regular entrepreneurs are driven by their need to take risks, pursue opportunities, and innovate. Ultimately, however, they’re both motivated to provide something that benefits people and rewards them at the same time.

No Need for Comparisons

There’s a tendency to make lifestyle entrepreneurs a better sounding job description – but the truth is, they’re no different than regular entrepreneurs. If anything, they’re probably less original. When you think about it, they can’t innovate because they’re not going out of their comfort zone and risking debt-incurring and emotionally-taxing failures. They’re also likely to just repackage old ideas and aim for stability. If this is so, then a lifestyle entrepreneur is no different than a business owner. But this isn’t possible because these two are completely different – albeit they complement each other.

Do What You Want

I think the term ‘lifestyle entrepreneur’ is created by professionals to make themselves sound more appealing and more purpose-driven than their original counterpart. Personally, though, I don’t think we should be preoccupied with titles, labels, and job descriptions. There’s no need to compare one position over another or become caught up with what you should and shouldn’t do. We should just do what we love to do, find a way for others to benefit from it, and admit the fact that we can and we want to make money from it. That’s what I do with Signs Now Mill Creek and the absence of labels certainly keeps me from limiting my functions and my attitude towards what I do.


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