Go Magnetic

Magnetic Signs

For those of you who are tired of the usual signage for your marketing campaign, we suggest you try magnetic signs for a change. This will not only add a distinct quality to your collaterals, but it will also give you more options on how to send your message across and sell your products and services.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to use magnetic signs – and what use it has for your target market – there are actually many, creative ways. Magnetic signs aren’t just meant for refrigerators and you will be surprised at how far they can take you.

Turn cars into marketing machines

Do you know you can stick magnetic signs on cars? Car bodies are made of metal, after all. With magnetic signs, you can turn cars into round-the-clock marketing machines. Whether you’re going to the grocery or heading to the gym, you effortlessly increase your business’ visibility.

The best thing about magnetic signs is they’re temporary. You can remove them anytime without damaging your car’s surface. They also adhere strongly to any metal so you won’t have to worry about your signs falling off. Their materials are also strong enough to resist harsh elements and daily wear and tear.

Accessorize personal belongings

There are many furniture and appliances made of metal. Some of the small stuff your carry – your bag, your portfolio, or your mobile device – also feature pieces of aluminum or steel. These and a whole lot more can be a placeholder for your magnetic signage. You will probably need to create smaller ones so they can easily fit on your clients and customers’ personal belongings.

You may be thinking how you can encourage your target market to use you magnetic signs on their personal belongings. The answer is actually about the design. If you prepare a consistent and well-thought of set of images that go well with your brand identity, you can easily come up with interesting designs. These will make your magnets look more like accessories than marketing materials. 

Decorate buildings inside and out

Other than the items found inside a building, the very walls, windows, and doors often have metal components. If you change the design and customize the form, you can make decorative pieces out of your magnetic signs. They can make your marketing efforts not only successful, but also stylish and subtle. 

If you’re ready to go magnetic and reach your market in a creative and convenient way, call Signs Now Mill Creek at 425-481-4900. We have the right signage solutions to make sure your business succeeds.


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