No Idea Is Too Small

SafetyTat is a waterproof, peel-and-stick temporary tattoo that allows parents to write their contact details to reconnect with their kids easily in case of separation. It may also be used to provide information about their kids, like food allergy or special needs.

Michele Welsh stumbled upon the idea during one Labor Day Weekend while she was out with her family at an amusement park. To ease her security concerns about her three small children, she wrote her mobile phone number on each of their arms. In case they get separated from one another, the person who finds them may easily get in touch with her.

The day turned out great and the whole family remained together until the end. Michele had to rewrite the number several times, though, because the information on their arms, written using a ballpoint pen, either smeared or washed off. Some parents who saw what she did loved the idea. Eventually, SafetyTat was born and ensuring a child’s safety has never been reassuring for parents and fun for kids.

The founding story of SafetyTat reminds aspiring businessmen and entrepreneurs out there that no idea is too small. Most of the time, it’s often the smallest, overlooked things that give rise to business empires or usher in new eras. Even though SafetyTat didn’t accomplish either, it certainly made a big difference in how parents address safety issues with their kids.

What’s interesting about the SafetyTat is it’s a simple idea. It didn’t involve any scientific breakthroughs or innovations in digital technology. It’s just a sticker – but a sticker that addressed a need and was backed by solid marketing and a strong sense of purpose for its target market.

In a world where it seems everything has been done, there’s always a place for simple ideas. We’re saturated with scientific and technological advancements that it’s sometimes better to go back to basics and bring back the fun in things. If you’re an aspiring businessman or entrepreneur looking for fresh ideas, try turning away from the ambitious ones and develop simple ones instead.

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