Recipes for Business Success

The article on Mallow Artisan Marshmallows on The Seattle’s Times website definitely caught our attention. The feature was just in time for Valentine’s Day and reminds you that you can have both a happy relationship and a successful career.

While it’s not certain that you can have a serendipitous love story like Brian and Kyra’s, you can have a successful business just like they do. If you read the article very closely, you’ll find that there are mainly three ingredients to success. The recipe is up to you, but you need these three basics to secure success for your business.


The idea for their business started with Kyra wanting to have chocolate-covered marshmallows available in stores all year round. Although it may sound like an accidental premise, she actually found a viable business idea. It addresses a market demand in their area. Although the couple evidently exerted effort in the product development and marketing, they didn’t have a hard time selling the marshmallows – because their products sold themselves.


People will often tell you that finding your passion will eventually lead to cash flow. All you have to do is do the things that make you happy and everything else follows. In reality, however, this is not always the case. If there’s one thing you need to know about passion, you should to find a degree of compromise to make money out of it. Brian, for instance, wasn’t passionate about cooking – he loved chemistry. But he applied his obsession of chemicals and used it to perfect a product that a market so desperately needs.


If there’s one element of success that’s easily overlooked, it’s partnership and collaboration. If you want to be successful in any business, you have to recognize the importance of other people and acknowledge the help you need from them. Not all successful people have college degrees, sales skills, or even talent. What you’ll notice though, is they’re surrounded by people that complements their personality or completes their existence. In Brian and Kyra’s case, it’s their support system that makes things work. Running marshmallow business is not that easy, but their relationship adds that distinct sweetness to every product they make.

Signs Now Mill Creek actually uses the same ingredients, but uses a different type of recipe to secure success. A couple is behind the business after all. One day this blog will tell the owners’ story in detail. And hopefully it will inspire you to have your own recipe for a successful business as well.


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