Almond Butter?

Peanut butter is a semi-solid and can therefor...

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Visiting Central Market at Mill Creek Town Center is a real treat. It’s always interesting and you’ll never know what you’ll discover. I really like the sea food section and deli area. There is a lot to see and try as you discover the store. The beer and wine area is also very interesting. Every section of the store is full of things not commonly found in other supermarkets. There are a lot of specialty items and products to discover from other countries.

I’ve been to the store before though today I noticed something that I glossed over during previous visits and it’s a nice surprise. As I was passing by the wine section I noticed a display that had fresh peanut butter. There beside the small containers of peanut butter are six grinding machines. The top sections of the grinders contain peanuts. When you turn the machine on it feeds the peanuts into its lower section and grinds them into peanut butter. The peanut butter passes through the dispenser and into a container. With that said, you now have fresh peanut butter to take home.

That is something that I did not notice in the store before and I found that very cool! What’s more is that there are no additional ingredients used in the process. It’s just ground peanuts. There is enough oil within a peanut to make peanut butter without the need for additional ingredients. The lady I spoke with at the store claims that you can make peanut butter at home with a high-speed food processor.

One of the grinders is also loaded with almonds. That grinder dispenses almond butter. A sample of it proves just as tasty as peanut butter.


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