Mill Creek Festival 2011!

Mill Creek Festival & Street Fair

Image by kire via Flickr

 Hopefully you may have made it to the 2010 Mill Creek held on July 17th and 18th. The festival went back to its roots and was held along Mill Creek Boulevard instead of along Main Street within the Mill Creek Town Center. There were a variety of reasons for the move and none of those reasons were spawned by the Mill Creek Business Association (MCBA). In fact, the MCBA’s first choice was to hold the festival along Main Street.

However, the festival itself went without a hitch and is a testament to the great organizational skills and leadership of the Festival Chairperson, Kevin Giboney of Allstate Insurance in Mill Creek. It is no easy feat to move a complete festival from a location that has been practiced to a new location that is relatively unrehearsed. But, he pulled it off very well.

I think most enjoyed the new location though a few perhaps felt that they preferred the festival along Main Street. But, whether you liked it here or there, this year’s festival was fun!

By contrast to other festivals held in other locations, people like walking on the paved roads. They prefer the ease and safety of paved roads to uneven dirt or grass that is peppered with ruts or holes. The layout was also easy to navigate and the booths were aligned in two rows on either side of the street which made it much more convenient to see the booths.

The stage was also integrated along with the beer garden and family area. This meant that families could view the bands along with those in the beer garden. The surrounding trees provided good shade and the temperature was a good 10 degrees cooler because of it and that made it very comfortable. Many families were sitting along the lawn relaxing and enjoying the bands perform. The landscaping struck a good park like balance to the paved roads.

Looking forward to Mill Creek Festival 2011!


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