2010 Mill Creek Festival and the “Best Kept Secrets”

The last meeting occurred on Tuesday, January 19th around midday at Mill Creek City Hall. Quite a few folks were present and eager to begin the execution phase of the festival. Additional ideas and planning activities were also inventoried. There are a lot of different functional areas that must be covered. For example, securing sponsors, organizing the two stages, provisioning the food areas, handling the childcare and the biggest of all is planning out the infrastructure and getting the buy-in of local businesses surrounding the area where the festival will be held. The last topic is challenging. Opinions of the local business owners and property managers vary. Some are very supportive because they recognize that the Mill Creek Festival generates mid range and long term benefits for them and the community. When you have twenty-thousand people show up over two days you can bet that it generates a buzz. Furthermore, the attendees discover new businesses that they might not have otherwise discovered. The attendees tell their friends and family. There are plenty of little “best kept secrets” within the Mill Creek community waiting to be discovered by the broader community. The smart, leadership oriented business owner understands the long term benefits of the Mill Creek Festival. The festival induces new distribution channels of business opportunities and the sharp business owner recognizes that this is valuable to the community because we all share in that when our community prospers. Business is about letting people in. The Mill Creek Festival is a celebration for the people of the region. It raises long term awareness and the additional revenue that it generates helps the community grow and prosper. Let’s turn the page on the recession and share in prosperity beginning with 2010! When you visit with local Mill Creek shops, let them know how you feel about the festival!


About Signs Now Mill Creek
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