Use Installers Who Have Integrity!

At Signs Now Mill Creek our standards are high and because of that we aim high! Of course we are proud when we execute and deliver high quality work, but you want to know what we’re most proud of? We’re the most proud when the client is happy! That’s our focus.

We have personally come across installers who lack integrity and because of that low standard, they cut corners in their installation execution. They are not concerned with the quality of the product. Nor are they concerned about the execution of the installation. The result is that the customer is double whamied! They receive a poor product and furthermore, they receive a poor installation job.

Sometimes the poor installation job is readily noticed and other times it’s subtle and not easily noticed. What’s more is that those installers will walk away from such a job and leave you stranded!

Here at Signs Now Mill Creek, we reject those so-called installers and hire only the best people who have passion in what they do! We commit those people to high standards so that you receive high quality products, high quality installation, high quality service. We have integrity. We care.


About Signs Now Mill Creek
Hi! My name is Rani Bal and you can learn more about me and connect with me here: Rani Bal Google+ Profile

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