Opening a New Business or Franchise? Need a Sign for your Logo? Or, Color Matching?

If you are thinking about or in the process of opening a brand new business or purchasing an existing business in the Seattle region, then make sure you have included a marketing plan into your budget and think about speaking to us at Signs Now Mill Creek. We have a Resource Center in the lobby that contains many panels of information.  You should spend at least twenty or so minutes on your own going through the information and visuals presented in the Resource Center.  This will help you to think about the variety of ways that you can get your message out to your potential customer base.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the information, then you should speak to one of our consultants who can help elaborate or further research any points of interest that you might have. There is a lot to consider and the Resource Center is an excellent condensed means of presenting the various choices that you have into a compact summary.

Whether you are planning to open a brand new business or take over an existing business, your message and your brand is extremely important. Therefore, you want to explore all options that are open to you for new signage or if you decide to replace existing signage.  Remember that knowledge dispels fear and planning minimizes risk and mistakes so therefore you should start early. When you start early, it allows you the extra time to think about what you want to achieve and execute for results.  This will prevent you from falling into the “If I had only known” trap.

 Of course, there are many concerns when opening a business such as licensing, equipment, supplies, fixtures and operating capital, but you must also allow for your marketing needs. Marketing is the most least understood, least appreciated and underestimated subject. Take the driver’s seat and take control of your message! If you want your potential customer base to respond to you, then you first must send them a stimulus!


About Signs Now Mill Creek
Hi! My name is Rani Bal and you can learn more about me and connect with me here: Rani Bal Google+ Profile

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