The Signs Now Mill Creek Team Sprint for a Fresh Look and a New Store Pylon Sign

At Signs Now Mill Creek (425-481-4900), our new sign that we designed is now up on the pylon structure outside of our site at 18002 Bothell-Everett Hwy right across the street from Elle Marie, The Silver Dollar Casino and the new Bartell’s Drug Store.  While putting up our new sign, we also moved the American Ballroom Dance Institute (ABDI) up one slot.  In the two remaining slots beneath ABDI we moved in the Pho Bothell’s new double slot sign.  We did not produce the Pho Bothell’s sign and only moved it into the new location.  Previously, they only occupied a single slot and wanted a bigger sign.

We first had our old signs removed and brought into the center.  Then the tech went outside to move ABDI  and replace Pho Bothell’s sign.  During that period of juggling the signs on the pylon we were working feverishly inside to strip the old signs of the old graphics.  That is an extremely hard process and we had multiple people working furiously to remove the old graphics.  The vinyl’s adhesive is very strong and so you had to apply a large amount of force to peel the vinyl back and even then the vinyl would peel about as fast as a turtle moves even if two people are pulling at the same time.  We applied a lot of heat from a heat gun and that certainly helps but the process is still difficult and slow.

Once the graphics are stripped, then you have to remove the adhesive residue that is stuck to the sign faces.  That is also a chore.  We used a couple of stripping chemicals and though they certainly help significantly it still is not a speedy process.  After drying off the chemicals, then we applied the new graphics.

Working at top speed we managed to get the first sign face ready by the time the tech came back.  By the time he installed the first side, we had the second side ready.

We managed to get all the signs moved around, graphics stripped, reapplied and installed within a period of about 1.5 hours.

This marks the beginning of some new design changes.  We will start from the outside and then work backwards into our site.  We hope that you will enjoy the new changes!

Who are we? The Mill Creek 425 Original so Click This Link to Find Out More!


About Signs Now Mill Creek
Hi! My name is Rani Bal and you can learn more about me and connect with me here: Rani Bal Google+ Profile

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