Custom Window Decals, Frost Doughnuts and Mill Creek Frostology

Frost Doughnuts officially opens Friday, July 10th at 6 AM!!!  The doughnuts melt in your mouth!!! GET FROSTED!!!

Picture this.  Three engaging friends who have a passion for doughnuts and decide to collaborate that passion into a whole new language called Frostology!  Frost Doughnuts is soon to open as a welcome addition to Mill Creek Town Center.  We can’t wait!  Signs Now Mill Creek loves the guys and their Frostology! Among a few things that the owners decided to purchase is decals from Signs Now Mill Creek. Lots of them! Check out all the decals displayed on the tables down below. These decals can be used as box decals or window decals. The decals stick almost anywhere so it’s really up to you. These custom window decals really are a great way to get your brand out there in the market place. And they are fun! Everyone loves a cool looking decal!

Among a variety of products, the guys have plans to deck out their new site with Signs Now Mill Creek products that include a menu board, dusted vinyl and decals. Click the link to take you to Signs Now Mill Creek for your custom window decals.

Want Frost’s Website or Twitter address? Click this link!

Hmmmm… is it “donuts” or “doughnuts”?  I’ll have to look that up in my Frostology dictionary!

Check out their ad in the Summer issue of Mill Creek Living for valuable Frost coupons.


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