Long Term Window Perf Graphics for Your Glass

Long term window perf is a perforated material that you can see out of.  So if you’re inside your site, you can still look out your window and see the outside world!  Anyone standing outside your sight will see the graphic design that has been printed on top of the perf.  It’s like a one-way window that you can see out of, but not into.  It is very, very cool stuff!

The material is best applied by an experienced installer because it is a tricky material to apply.  Once installed it is difficult to remove and so the removal process is best left to an experienced person.  Because of the strong adhesive the application is intended for long term use and therefore you should ensure that your printed design is something that you intend to keep longer than six months.

Because you can see out of the material you won’t lose the use of your window and so you can be less selective in your window choice.  The perf also marginally reduces sunlight from entering through your window and so if you have a window that has too much sunlight, then this is a great way to reduce the sunlight while creating advertising exposure for your site.

Window perf is best viewed from the outside when the outside light is brighter than the light inside your site.  During winter months it begins to get dark in the Seattle region around 5 PM and that means the light inside your site will be brighter than outside and that makes it virtually impossible for someone to see the design from the outside.  However, during the summer months the days are much longer and this is not an issue.

Window perf is a very good choice when city laws or ordinances prohibit the use of traditional banners.

There is a different material available called temporary window vinyl which is a short term application though you cannot see out of it when standing inside your site.  See another post within this blog for further information.

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