Graphics Color Matching and Signs Now Mill Creek

The designer is working on color matching the existing graphics on a Sprinter van.  The match must be precise because the colors are part of the company’s brand identity and so accuracy is obligatory.  We use a sophisticated calibration gun to read the colors on the existing graphics and interpolate the reading into the color components of the light spectrum so that the reading can be translated into the numeric representation understood by design software.

The design software then sends the information to our Raster Image Processing computer for translation into the printer’s language for printing.  Our designer precisely matched one color the first time.  Despite all the sophistication, the second color did not come out a precise match and so our designer is manually adjusting the color by hand and eye to fine tune it into an accurate match.  Our designer is excellent and unrelenting!

Who are we? The Mill Creek 425 Original so Click This Link to Find Out More!


About Signs Now Mill Creek
Hi! My name is Rani Bal and you can learn more about me and connect with me here: Rani Bal Google+ Profile

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