Separate and Take Advantage: Brand Identity Messages and Signs Now Mill Creek

One thing a savvy company can do is separate themselves from their competition.  That is easier said than done, but it is not an impossible task.  The reward of doing so is greater customer awareness about your business.  What’s more is that now is the best time to do so than anytime in the past.

Separation is really a key ingredient in your business success.  There are probably quite a few businesses around similar to yours and so you should ask yourself what separates you from your competition.  The objective is to sit down and think about what it is that you offer that makes it more attractive to do business with you.  For example, think about what you provide in service, quality, convenience or specialization that makes doing business with you attractive to your clients.  List these items out and be as specific as you possibly can.  The more specific you can be the greater clarity and insight you will have into your business. The next thing you should do is focus on your clients.  Define the attributes of your best clients and list those attributes.  Also be as specific as you possibly can.  Once you have defined the attributes of your best clients the trick becomes to find more of them and that group becomes your target audience.  In other words, your target audience is a group of candidates for doing business with you.  They are candidates who one day you hope to turn into prospects or contacts.

Once you have constructed both lists think about how you can send your messages of separation to your target audience.

 If you do the above exercise, then I can tell you one thing that is certain.  You will have already begun to separate yourself from your competition.  Why?  Because it is almost certain that the competition will not be doing the above exercise.  The simple execution of this exercise implies that you are analytically thinking things through.  Committing it to paper means that you are forming a marketing plan.  A plan that you should review and refine monthly if not more often.  It is a plan that you should increase in detail and measure.  This reoccuring exercise puts you ahead of the curve and begins to separate you from your competition.

There are a variety of reasons the competition will not do the above exercise.  Some find it too hard and others do not have the time.  Or, perhaps it does not occur to them.  But, another strong reason is because most make the mistake of viewing marketing as an expense.  When you combine that with the current economic downturn talked about on every news channel it is almost certain that most business owners who are feeling sluggish sales are going to reduce or eliminate their marketing.  That is a very grave mistake.  But, it is one that you, the smart marketeer, can take advantage of!

Recently, there has been enough good economic news in the media to suggest that a recovery is on the way.  The current administration called it “economic green sprouts”.  I have noticed that some very successful businesses in our region led by some very sharp leaders have begun to significantly ramp up their marketing efforts.  I have talked to a few of them.  For one thing the sharp leaders know that their competition is not ramping up their marketing for some of the very same reasons mentioned within this article.  That means that the competition is leaving the market vacant.  The sharp leaders begin to market hard by filling in that vacancy with their branding messages and do so repeatedly.  The repetition is necessary because they want people to see their branding over and over so that it becomes committed to memory.  The repetition of the message begins to separate the savvy business from the competition who has no brand messages in the market.  In a less crowded market, there is greater success that your message will stand out.  The implication in the mind of the consumer is that a brand that is consistently visible is a better brand and this raises the brand’s awareness in the market place.

In other words, these leaders feel that marketing is an important investment.  These savvy marketeers know that the consumer may not buy today, but when it comes time to buy, they will remember my brand.  So remember those economic green sprouts and think about what you need to do take advantage of the current situation to separate yourself.  Down the road, after the recovery takes firm hold, the market place will become much more crowded with messages and separating yourself will be more challenging.

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