Print and Copy Center A-Board Woes versus Signs Now Mill Creek Graphics

Signs Now Mill Creek (425-481-4900 18002 Bothell-Everett Hwy). A lady came in the other day who works at a dental office as the office manager.  She wanted to get an A-Board (an A-Board is also known as a sandwich board and you can usually find them in front of shops on the sidewalk) and settled on a large one after we showed her a couple different sizes.  She then asked us a few questions about what she could expect in terms of time frame and quality.  Before we could answer she described a recent experience she had with a very well known national “copy and print” center and went through the story in great detail.  I had the impression that she was trying to justify asking us questions about time frame and quality so that we could understand where she was coming from.  So, we all politely listened.  She described how she went to the copy center and placed an order for an A-Board, but when it was ready for pick up, she was completely and utterly disappointed with it.

I am not clear on whether or not she complained.  Maybe she did complain, but she didn’t mention it as part of the story.  But, here’s what she did do.  She paid the copy and print center several hundred dollars and took the sign with her and ultimately her office never used the A-Board.  She never used it because the product that was delivered to her fell short in quality.  It fell so short in quality that it caused her to feel that the price of a couple hundred dollars was nothing short of highway robbery!  The overall image on the A-Board seemed very grainy and third rate.  The image also lacked visual impact.  Additionally, the time it took to deliver the A-Board was many days longer than she had anticipated.  Finally, given all the deficiencies mentioned, the price was too high.  Oh!  I almost forgot!  The bottom of the image had her office’s phone number.  They somehow managed to cut too much of the print and that meant about fifteen percent of the bottom of each digit was missing.  The lady gave me the impression that she had no choice but to accept the A-Board because they would not refund her any money due to the work being custom.

So, let’s see.  The “quality” was too low.  The “time” was too long.  The “cost” was too high.  That’s three variables.

Generally speaking, projects have a variety of variables and among them there are about four that play a prominent role.  They are quality, time, cost and resources.  Essentially the copy center blew the first three variables because of their failure in the last one called “resources”.  The resources can be human or objects such as equipment.  When you go into a copy or print center the first thing you notice is that they do not spend a lot of time with any one person.  That’s because sometimes there is another customer standing behind you and so they have only so much time to spend with you.  On the other hand, you could be the only one in the store, though despite that you can tell that they only want to engage with you enough to get the job done leaving you wondering if you have been fully understood.  Also, the representative may be trained very well in boring copy or print center activities, but they probably do not have detailed design experience for brand identity that is needed to provide a high level of quality in their designs.  Therein lies the dilemma.  The representatives are not spending enough time and whatever amount of time they do spend it is questionable if they have the acumen or the skills.  Also, their equipment resources come into question.  The outcome of deficiencies in resources results in more problems with quality, time and cost.

Skip print or copy centers!  If you are having work done on your company’s brand identity, then take the time to go to professionals who possess the experience and specialize in it.  They will spend the time needed and they understand that corporate identity is an important factor to get right.  Your brand defines your business and it sends a message out to your customers so put the effort and money into getting it done right!  Some of the biggest brands in the world such as McDonalds spend a lot of time and money on their brand because they know that this is the first step in client attraction.  They spend mountains of time and money studying their customers and how their brand is perceived.  Day after day after day, they study it and evolve it.  It’s so important to them that it is job number one.  It’s an obsession and rightly so.  Everything is scrutinized and scrutinized again and again.  Nothing is left to chance or to discretion, but rather everything is done with specific marketing intention.  If it is that important to the big names, then make it important for you, too.

So, we accepted the work and promised the lady that we would take care of her.  When the brand image was completed it was breathtaking to look at.  The detail and the powerful brand identity impact that it had was undeniable.  After the graphic was applied to the A-Board we could not wait for the lady to come in and pick it up.

When she came in she took one look at it and exclaimed, “OH, MY GOSH!!!”.  She repeated herself several times.  There were about three of us gathered around her and she pointed to each one of us and said, “I’m going to refer you, and I’m going to refer you, and I’m going to refer you!”.

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