Banners, Razors, Drama Queens and Signs Now Mill Creek Graphics

Diamonds and Dust.  Banners and Razors.  We have a top notch team from womb to tomb.  We are great at what we do!  But sometimes a story comes along where we as a team do the proverbial eyeball roll when something happens that a client does that should be so common sense that it defies why on earth someone would do it.

Our story unfolds when a few weeks ago a lady asks our team to produce a banner for her and one of her peers.  So, ok, easy enough to do and because we have a great graphic designer this should be a piece of cake.  She’s wanting a straightforward banner that’s not too small and not too big.  We print it off and the next day she takes it with her.  Another satisfied customer.  Or so we thought!

A few weeks go by.  During that couple or three weeks we have this sizable wind storm that also happens to be not too small and not too big.  As I recall when I was driving the day after the storm there were a lot of tree branches strewn on the road and the branches were big enough that it made more sense to avoid them than drive over them.  Maybe that might help give some scope to the size of the storm.  Not too small, not too big.

Anyhow, within days of that storm, that very same lady comes back to our office and storms straight inside.  My client services representative (CSR) and I are standing there as the lady walks right up to us and begins to “let us have it”.  She tells us how the banner we made for her has fallen apart and that she has never had something like this happen to her before.  On and on and on she railed.  We were so befuddled by this that we could not fathom how something like this could happen to the banner.  We take pride in what we do and it is our management policy to use quality product and provide quality service.

On and on she continued until finally she almost started to cry.  I mean literally almost cry!  So we asked her to bring the banner back and so she went out to the car and brought it back inside.  We promised to replace it and that seemed to instantly turn the hysterics off and out she went.

We took the banner to the back and a crowd of us gathered around as we unrolled the banner.  There was about a medium amount of damage to the banner.  My graphic designer looked at me and said, “The thing looks like it’s been dragged under a truck and in all my years of experience I’ve never seen anything like this before”.  It wasn’t that it had tears in the vinyl because it did not.  It basically had two things wrong with it.  It had scratches where just the surface of the graphic was scratched and it had some repetitive marks on it.  Still we could not understand how something like this could happen.

So I told my designer to call her up and ask her precisely where and how she placed this banner.  I’m sure she wasn’t expecting the call and I’m also convinced receiving the call probably caught her off guard.  Having been caught off guard, she provided detailed information about finding the location and she told my designer that she had tied it to a fence.  Then he asked her for the address and she provided that, too.  Sweet!

So, we went for a field trip.  We drove the 30 or so miles to the location.  Because she was good enough to provide us the details about precisely where she placed it, it was easy to find the precise location.

A razor wire fence.  She tied it to a razor wire fence and a week or so later we had a wind storm. That explained the tears and repetitive marks.

Did I happen to mention that she tied it to a RAZOR WIRE fence?

When she came in to complain, the razor wire part was conveniently left out of the story.  But, she managed to add crying effects to the story.

Folks, for those who missed the point, do not tie banners to razor wire.

(Yes, we replaced her banner at no charge)

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