Yard Signs and Signs Now Mill Creek Graphics Advice

Signs Now Mill Creek (425-481-4900 18002 Bothell-Everett Hwy). Did you know that on average for every 25 feet of distance you need a matching 1 inch height of lettering in order to be able to read the text?  And that’s on average and under optimal conditions.

Never mind a whole host of conditions that influence readability.  Let’s think of a few.  There’s the kind of font that is used, text color, background color, lighting or sunlight.  Then there’s always glare and the refracting of light to consider.  What about if the intended audience of your text is driving?  When traffic is moving it is much harder for drivers to notice and read small signs.   The point is that there are a variety of reasons that can make readability very difficult.  And you only have 2 or 3 seconds on average to grab someone’s attention and make an impact.

Bigger is better.

Yesterday I was driving through a neighborhood when I noticed a yard sign by the side of the road.  Normally, most drivers won’t pay attention to yard signs.  That’s a simple fact.  There are so many of them especially during the summer months, but how many of them are noticed and then actually read?  This particular yard sign was about two feet wide and maybe a foot or so in height.  It was yellow with black text and as I recall someone was hosting some kind of event at their home.  Some kind of marketing thing.  Most drivers would simply ignore the sign not even knowing of its existence.  Let’s face it.  It’s a busy world out there and why would a driver travelling at 30 miles per hour slow to take a look at a little, lonely yellow sign?  They’re not.  They don’t even know it’s there.  They are too busy driving.  Too busy thinking about getting to where they are going.  Too busy being distracted by the kids in the back seat.  Too busy listening to their favorite CD.  Too busy to look at a little 2 foot sign with lettering that is best read if you happen to have a magnifying glass.

It’s amazing.  A sign that size is best served if you’re placing it to be viewed by walking pedestrians who have the time to read it as they saunter by.  But, if you’re driving, forget about it.  It’s not going to happen.  You have absolutely no hope that someone will read it if they are driving.

In such cases you need to have a sign that is much, much bigger if you are hoping to capture the attention of drivers.  Also, back the sign up with something interesting such as a neck-snapping graphic of some kind.  And make it easy for drivers to read it by exaggerating the size of the lettering.  The higher the speed limit, the bigger the lettering.

I am sure that whoever that person was that they are very lonely.  I doubt very many people, if any, showed up for that person’s event because of that sign.

Bigger is better!

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