Crayons and Felt Pens

I was driving around doing some errands today when I noticed a furniture store.  I wasn’t shopping for furniture though I parked my vehicle directly in front of the furniture store by happenstance.  As I prepared to get out of my car I looked up and noticed their store front windows covered in window paint.  Paint!  Yuk!

The window paint proclaimed that inside their outlet is discontinued items and one-off pieces of furniture on sale.  The graphics were painted on the window in large font and spread across 75 feet of store front on windows that were 5 feet tall in height.

I thought to myself are we in the 70’s???

A 6 year old child could do better work with crayons and felt pens.  Here is a company that is trying to capture attention and maybe admittedly in my case they did.  But, it was the next thought that entered my mind that turned me off.  That thought was that the window paint is ugly and perhaps you have ugly furniture inside, too.

You see, people think in discrete steps although by appearances it may seem like people think in one fluid motion.  But really, they don’t.  In one phase the crayon graphics caught my attention, but in the very next phase of thought they lost me!  And lost me badly!

I know that furniture stores are not doing so well in this economy and are trying very hard admist this recession to generate business.  But it is especially during times like these that you want to project yourself with professionalism and confidence because you can bet that your competitors aren’t doing that.  Done right, then that separates you from your competition.  It serves to drive a message to the consumer that even during times like these your brand is rock solid.  It reinforces your brand.

But, in this particular case, they felt they could accomplish their sales with window paint crayons and instead achieved client repulsion!  Get with the times!  This is the new millenium and in this day and age we have professional digital graphics!

There are all kinds of digital window graphics that are both short term and long term that can achieve a much better effect!

The point is that if you’ve done something in step one to capture attention, then don’t lose them in step two!


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